🌶 Our food indicate HOT & SPICY!
Our dishes can be prepared to order
MiLD or HOT as you prefer.
Any dishes that can contrain any or all of the following ingredients such as Thai chilies,
Thai curry paste, hot sauce, jalapeno, ginger and fresh garlic *might be spicy.
**Please alert us for any special dietary restriction or food allergy.**
Peanuts are used in many dish and can be inadvertently find their way into other dishes.
​Most of them cam also be prepared for vegetables or tofu for meats.  

Angle Wings

Chicken wings stuffed with bean thread noodles, black mushroom, onion chopped celery and ground chicken dipped in a light batter and deep-fried; served with sweet and sour sauce.




EGG ROLLS(2)  $4.95

Our homemade egg rolls stuffed with chicken, shrimp, bean, thread noodles, carrots, and cabbage ; served with sweet and sour sauce.

FRIED TOFU      $4.95

Deep fried bean curd cakes; served with sweet and sour sauce, topped with crushed peanuts.

SPRING ROLLS(2)  $4.95

Fresh Thai spring rolls files with cucumbers, bean sprouts, tofu and scrambled egg; topped with plum sauce.

POT STICKER(5) $4.95

Wheat flour pastries filled with a luscious blend of shrimp and garden vegetables; served with a sweet and sour brown sauce.


Steamed shrimp dumpling served with sweet and sour brown sauce.

GOLDEN BAG(5)  $4.95

Crispy wonton skin stuffed with crabmeat, celery, and cream cheese; served with sweet and sour sauce.


Freshly ground shrimp and cabbage, wrapped in thin wonton skin deep-fried to golden brown ; served with sweet and sour sauce.

PRAWN ROLLS(5)  $6.95

Delicately fried shrimps and celery wrapped with bacon, then again wrapped with spring roll skin then deep-fried to crispy; served with sweet and sour sauce.

SATAY(5) $7.95

Chicken marinated in Thai curry, herbs and coconut milk served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

TEMPURA  $8.95(Shrimp & Vegetable)    

TOD MUN(5)  $7.95

Fried​ spicy fish cakes blend with Thai spices; served with

our own cucumber sauce topped with crushed peanuts.

Butterfly shrimps and fresh vegetables dipped in a light batter deep fried till crispy; served with sweet and sour.

ANGEL WINGS (2) $9.95

Chicken wings stuffed with bean thread noodles, black mushroom, onion chopped celery and ground chicken dipped in a light batter and deep-fried; served with sweet and sour sauce.





Hot and sour chickens or shrimp in savory chickens broth with straw mushrooms, lime leaves, lime juice, and lemon grasses.

Shrimp $9.95/Chicken $8.95


Chicken breast and straw mushrooms cooked in spicy savory broth of coconut milk, lemon grasses and galangals.

Chicken $8.95/ Shrimp $9.95


Originally from the northern part of Thailand ; tasteful Golden noodles with chicken in spicy curry coconut soup; sprinkle with crispy noodles red onion.



Clear​ soup with shrimp wonton, napa cabbage and sprinkle with cilantro and garlic.

Carry-Out $8.95

NOODLE SOUP (Chicken /Beef)

#CHOICE : Chicken or Beef thin rice noodles in a delicious chicken broth with bean sprouts, and sprinkled with cilantro and garlic.

Carry-Out $8.95


Bean curd and assorted vegetables in clear broth ;  #CHOICE : Chicken or without Chicken.

Carry-Out $8.95



Cucumber Salad  $1.95

Fresh cucumber with homemade dressing; topped with red onion and carrots.

Lai Thai Salad  $6.95

Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, carrot, peapod, broccoli, baby corn; served with boiled egg (optional); topped with peanut sauce.

Beef Salad $8.25 🌶

Grilled slice beef mixed with cucumber, spicy lime juice and red onion; served on a bed of lettuce.

Chicken Salad $7.25 🌶

Freshly steamed chicken flavored with spicy lime juice, fresh ginger, red onion, roasted peanuts, dried hot pepper on bed of lettuce.

Bean Thread Salad $8.25 🌶

Boiled glass noodles mixed with ground chicken, shrimp, red onion and spicy Thai dressing on bed of lettuce.

Seafood Salad $8.25 🌶

A unique taste of freshly steamed shrimp, squid, imitation crab, and mussels, red onion mixed with spicy dressing.


Comes with Jasmine rice  

Cashew Chicken   $8.95 🌶

Stir-fried boneless chicken breast with roasted cashew nuts, straw mushrooms, pineapples, pea pods, bell pepper, and dried hot pepper.


Ginger Chicken $8.95

Stir-fried chicken sautéed with shredded ginger, green onions, oriental black mushrooms in bean sauce.

Five Star Chicken $8.95

Stir-fried chicken with baby corns, straw mushrooms, napa cabbage, carrots, pea pods, water chestnuts in Thai chili paste.

Mixed Vegetables  $8.95

Stir-fried assorted fresh vegetables choice of chicken or plain vegetarian style. [BEEF $9.95]

Sweet & Sour Chicken $8.95

Chicken stir-fried with tomatoes pineapples sweet bell pepper in a homemade sauce. [BEEF $9.95]

Spicy Basil Leaves $8.95 🌶

Stir-fried chicken with sweet basil leaves, crushed garlic, sliced mushrooms, onions, and hot pepper in a light soy sauce.. [BEEF $9.95] 

Hot and Spicy  $8.95 🌶

Stir-fried chicken with white onions, hot pepper, bamboo shoot in hot pepper sauce. [BEEF $9.95] 

Sweet Almond Beef  $9.95 🌶

Stir-fried tender beef with almond nuts, sliced mushrooms, water chestnuts, onions, and dried hot pepper in sweet brown sauce.

Broccoli Chicken  $8.95 

Broccoli delicately prepared in special sauce. [BEEF $9.95]

Beef Oyster Sauce $9.95

Sliced of beef stir-fried with sliced mushrooms, shredded ginger and onions in oriental sauce.

Pepper Steak $9.95

Stir-fried tender beef with mushrooms, pea pods, onions, tomatoes and water chestnuts in own gravy.

LaiThai Special

Comes with Jasmine rice

Grilled Egg Plant $9.95 🌶

Eggplant grilled to perfection and topped with ground chicken, shrimp with chopped garlic, hot pepper and fresh basil leaves.

Three Delight $9.95

Mixture of chicken, beef and shrimp fried to crisped and sautéed with mushrooms, baby corn, pineapples, red and green pepper in special sauce.

Shrimp Baby Corn  $9.95

An oriental style stir-fried large shrimp sautéed with baby corns, onion, and pea pods in a light seasonal sauce.

Spicy Tofu  $8.95 🌶

Stir fired soft tofu and ground chicken with homemade chili sauce.

Garlic Shrimp$10.95/Chicken$9.95

Grilled shrimp or chicken marinated in garlic, pepper; served with sliced tomato on side.

Rama Chicken $9.95

Sautéed sliced chicken breast with broccoli; topped with peanut sauce.

Seafood Curry  $10.95 🌶

A delicious Panang curry with shrimp, squid, imitation crab, and mussel in coconut milk, red and green pepper, fresh basil leaves.

Spicy Catfish $10.95 🌶

Specially selected lightly fried fillet catfish till crisped coated with Thai spicy panang coconut curry sauce, pea pods, green bell pepper and fresh basil leaves.

Salmon Curry $17.95 🌶

Grilled Salmon, topped with red & green pepper, hot pepper, and fresh basil leaves in panang curry sauce.

Fish Fillet Deluxe  $14.95

Fresh fish fillet deep fried to golden brown, topped with red and green pepper, white onion, green onion, carrot and baby corn in sweet sour sauce.

Three Flavor Fish  $Market Price 🌶

Fresh whole red snapper lightly fried till crisped sautéed with chopped garlic, bell pepper enhanced by fabulous sauce.


Stir-fried ground chicken with chopped garlic, hot pepper and fresh basil leaves.

Over rice $8.95 / Separate rice $9.95 / + Fried Egg $1.00             


Fried Rice

Choice: chicken, beef, vegetable, tofu, shrimp,  or combination


Thai Fried Rice $8.95

Stir-fried rice with onions, carrots, green peas, soy sauce, touch of lemon, and cucumbers.


Curry Fried Rice  $8.95

Stir-fried rice with curry powder onions, and tomatoes.

Spicy Fried Rice  $8.95 🌶

Stir-fried rice with fresh basil leaves, onions, and hot pepper.



Comes with Jasmine rice 

Red Curry  $8.95 🌶

A special hot curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, green pepper, green pea and fresh basil leaves

Green Curry  $8.95 🌶

Special green Thai curry with bamboo shoots, green pea, green pepper, fresh basil leaves in coconut milk.

Yellow Curry $8.95 🌶

Traditional yellow Thai curry simmered in coconut milk with potato, sweet pepper and green peas.

Panang Curry $9.95 🌶

A delicious brown curry in coconut milk, bell pepper and fresh basil leaves. (Shrimp +$1)

Pineapple Shrimp Curry  $9.95 🌶

Delicious sweet & sour shrimp curry in coconut milk and crushed pineapple, sweet pepper.



PAD THAI $8.95

Stir-fried thin rice noodles with bean sprouts, tofu, scrambled eggs, and chopped ground peanuts in light sweet and sour tamarinds sauce.

PAD SEE EIW  $8.95

Thai style big flat rice noodles with scrambled eggs, lChinese broccoli in sweet soy sauce.

LAD NAR $8.95

Pan fried flat noodles with broccoli in special gravy.


PAD KIMAO $8.95 🌶

Stir-fried spicy flat rice noodles with shrimp and chicken, carrots, pea pods, baby corns, hot pepper, fresh basil leaves, green pepper in our own flavor sauce.

Stir-fried bean thread noodles with bean sprouts, black mushrooms, green onion, scrambled egg.


Crispy pan-fried rice noodles with chicken, bell pepper, hot pepper,

and fresh basil leaves in the most delicious panang coconut curry.

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Peanut Sauce




Small   /  Large
$1.50     $3.00









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Mango Sticky Rice   $4.95

Mango Panna Cotta  $3.95

Fried Banana  $3.95

Fried Ice Cream (Vanila) $3.95

NEW!! Thai Taro custard